I consider myself a very lucky person. I have had the privilege and opportunity to take part in some incredible community-driven events all across North Carolina. As I grow older and as a photographer I hope I continue to be afforded such incredible opportunities. Below you will see the galleries from these events, and they will grow as I do. I encourage you to explore these galleries, see the emotion, and experience the moments that are pictured here.

In the interest of highlighting our community, you can download web resolutions of my pictures for free for use on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I do this because I want people to be able to show off their community or what they've done to their friends and family, and I don't want people to be financially limited in that option. However, this is also my job, and I would love to continue doing things like this and giving out the photos for free, but there is personal cost involved for me to do this. With that being said, I do accept donations for my work, so that I can continue to provide these memories to the communities I work with.

If you do decide to use my pictures, tag me! I am @creel_creative on Instagram and Creel Creative on Facebook.

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If you have a community event that you think should be photographed and featured here, get in contact with me and see if i am available!